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Okay ladies I am all about expressing ourselves and set us a part from others. However some girls have just taken it a bit to far. Bright bold lips are all the craze these days, it allows us to show to our individuality by making a statement with our makeup (fabulous). However I personally believe that when you choose your lipsticks there are certain factors to consider. Skin tone is by far the BIGGEST factor of all, not every lipstick is made for every skin tone. For example MAC has a very popular color called "Snob", while this lipstick can look exceptional on fair skin it looks horrible (in my opinion) on darker skin tones. If I wore to wear Snob considering I am African American I would look some bit of's just not made for me. There are definitely ways around this however, you can pair something like Snob with different color (darker) lip liner and make an ombre' effect (this has also been trending). While some colors can be fixable so they don't appear too harsh there are some that no matter what, it can't be helped., white, yellow, etc. colored lips absolutely drive me insane. While these colors are great for editorials or the runway, they are by far "not cool" for everyday wear. In reality, yes  you are making a very extreme statement (Kudos to you) but let me just tell you, it looks like you just ate a blue popsicle and didn't wipe your lips (gross). This is a trend I wish never started and I would love for it to disappear. If you ever see me wearing bright blue, yellow, green, or whatever on my lips, please smack me about 5 times and tell me to snap out of it. Let's try and leave this trend strictly for October 31...
Are there any beauty trends you just wish would go away? Leave a comment and let me know.
Here are some better versions (in my opinion) on how to rock a bright lip. 

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