My 5 Must Have Scents

With the cooler weather in the air (yes even times), I was thinking about what perfume I'd be wearing this Fall and Winter. This trigger me to actually think about ALL the perfume I currently have to see if any of them would be fitting this year. Well through the thought process I realized I'd perfume I just can't live with basically the ones I go into sheer panic when I run out lol. However I noticed a trend with all my "favorites"...I can basically wear them year around if I chose to (works for me!!!) all but maybe one. I tend to go toward very clean fresh scents, I don't want anything to over powering and definitely nothing to sweet (I need balance). Well I wanted to share my top 5 as well as what I'd like to smell like this fall...Enjoy!!! 
  1. Live by JLo: This is probably my all time favorite...I have to have this at all times
  2. Summer Grace by Philosophy: My go to summer scent...I swear it totally smells like summer (if that's possible)
  3. Kim Kardashian by well...DUH!!! This has to be the cleanest smelling perfume ever, reminds me of a freshly taken shower. 
  4. Princess by Vera Wang: This is just a great scent I mean it has stuff in it like "forbidden woods", "pink frosting", "chiffon vanilla", and much more but it truly just makes me feel wonderful. 
  5. Flora by Gucci: This is my "I got to go to a meeting" perfume just smells expensive.
  1. Infusion Diris by Prada: I can't tell you how many times I've gone to purchase this perfume but I never end up getting it...I think it's because if you smell this in the bottle you'll probably be like "ummm no" but once you put this's completely different. Every time I've gone to buy this I never sprayed it on me so I've talked myself out it but I think its times to just get it. 
  2. Love in White by Creed: Okay if you have had prior post then you know I LOVE THIS and I am saving for this one because it is VERY pricey for perfume however I HAVE to have it. 
9/16/2013 12:51:07 pm

I love that Prada perfume and the Love and White... I may have to pick that up in the weekend


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