Want Some Tea With Those Bags

Have you ever woke up in the morning and thought, "man am I tired or what"? If you're anything like me, then this is pretty much an every day occurrence. Well here's the thing most people suffer from either bags under the eye or dark circles. Have you ever wondered why...yeah me too. Well I did a little research and I'd like to share what I discovered. If this shocks you, don't worry it was a little shocking to me too.

Okay, so I can openly say YES I have bags under my eyes and YES it drives me insane (my eyes are already big, they don't need more attention). Anywho, for years I wonder "Why" and for years I've tried every product known to man to get rid of them and nothing helped. Well I guess before you get rid of something you should find out why you have it. This is what promoted my research, so...for starters everyone pretty much notices a change in their facial appearance somewhere in their 20's (Evolution starts). Hmmmm...Well, the biggest and number one reason why we get bags is...GENES (really...Thanks Mom, Thanks Dad). So basically there's NOTHING you can do to prevent it and the older we get it's going to be more noticeable, frustrating I know. The other factors that contribute to these lovely bags are; poor diet, diets full al salty foods, lack of sleep, and lack of exercise (I guess I should of did more in PhysEd). Another factor is Sinus infections or water retention.

So how do you get rid of them? First let's remember that the skin under the eye is very thin and sensitive so you don't want to do much tugging and pulling (FYI: that can cause dark circles). Now me personally I use Simple: Revitalizing Eye Roll On, it has a steel metal roller ball which soothes the eye and it reduces puffiness. The great thing about Simple products is, it works on ALL skin types and it's affordable. Another great product for de-puffing those bags is Clinique: All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage. This bad boy also has the steel rollerball and it's enriched with caffeine, potent antioxidants, and soothing botanicals. However if your not quick to go out and try products you are unsure will work for you there are some quick home remedies. You can try using a "chilled" spoon, this will do the same soothing de-puffing affect you just won't get those other cool boost that the rollers have in them.

I hope this has better helped with those under eye problems but don't for get there is more to the face then just the eyes. Keep watching out for more age defying tips...

08/14/2013 5:09pm

I swear by the cucumbers... Try I nice glass of ice water with cucumbers to sip, and also some aromatherapy in the air of a cucumber cent, as you apply the cucumbers on eyes... Working externally and internally, how wonderful. Many of us woman forget that its not only the outside that matters but we must also work on our internal and spiritual clarity.

08/15/2013 2:34pm

Thats awesome...cucumbers are also really great.

08/15/2013 4:57pm

I also find lavender oils very relaxing to use as aromatherapy

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