July Beauty Favs 

This month has been more about rediscovering things vs trying new things and falling in love. There are 2 new items in the bunch but the rest is oldies but goodies.

  • Bobbie Brown Corrector in Peach: I got this a few months back but I had only used it maybe a hand full of times. Mainly just because I had other concealers I would reach for more but this month, this has been my go to concealer. It's very thick but once you put in on, it warms up thinning it out making for some really awesome coverage.
  • Tarte Clean Slate Poreless primer: I have to say this is by far the best primer I have tried to date. It takes away any shine you make have, leaving your face look insanely clear and need I say PORELESS, lol.
  • St. Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Moisturizer: I discovered this while I was watching Dr. Oz one day and went on the hunt for. I just discovered it this month in Wal-Mart (I basically screamed when I saw it). Thank the heavens Wal-Mart finally sells it. I am actually going to do a full review on this so look out for that.
  • L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes: This product has literally been in my mascara drawer (still full packaged) for MONTHS and just recently I decided to whip it out the package and try it. This has been my go to mascara all month, I've tried reaching for others but I just always end up putting this one on. It truly makes my lashes look amazing, giving length and volume.
  • MAC Sheer-tone Blush in Peaches: Now this is definitely and oldie. This has to be the 2nd or 3rd MAC blush I've ever brought and I kid you not I wear it almost every day and I've still yet to hit pan. This blush gives me that perfect flushed looking cheek...AMAZING!!! Love it!!!
  • Bath and Body Works Spray in Sensual Amber: Another oldie but goodie for me. I use to wear this years ago and just recently a friend of mine was wearing it and I just feel in love all over again. Definitely been grabbing this a lot this month. Even though this might be more of a fall or winter type smell, I've just been loving it this month. 
  • Clean&Clear deep action creamer cleanser: So my face had been breaking out a lot this summer and I had purchased a "high end" cleanser thinking it would get the job done, even though it was a good product it failed. So one day while in Target I saw this and just said "why not". Well needless to say I'm in love, between this and the St Ives my skin is looking like new and I'm more then pleased about it. I'm also going to due a few review on this so keep an eye out for it. 


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