Covergirl Flamed Out Mascara

Okay...if you haven't figured by now I am sucker for NEW products. I get this feeling that comes over, that I just have to have try it. Between blush, foundation, and mascara I basically fall weak in the knees and can't leave with out it. I purchased the Covergirl Flamed Out mascara about a month ago or not to long after it came out. Either way I've had it for a minute. I've used this product several times because my first impression wasn't so great. 
First Thoughts: first and foremost the brush is not the type I typically use/like (never judge a book by it's cover right). Secondly, it wasn't very black and I got the darkest shade. However it did separate my lashes well but that was it. I didn't see any improvement in length and looking in the mirror you could tell I had something on but in my opinion it was just "regular. 

Final Thoughts
Not impressed at all, it is a very basic mascara and this was after using it several times. I thought maybe something magical would happen the more I used it, however it just made me realize even more that it was "okay". This would be good a good mascara for the "no makeup" makeup days but even then I don't see myself reaching for this.

Shineeka Laing

Are you in the Orlando area? Are you looking for a hairstylist? Well look no further because I've got her. Shineeka Laing has been doing hair for years and is my personal hairstylist. She is a graduate of a local Orlando college and upon graduation she had moved back home to the Bahamas (very short lived) before deciding to return to the States to follow her dreams. Upon returning to Florida Shineeka attended the Aveda Institute where she earned her license in cosmetology. Her passion for hair and all things beauty definitely shows in her work, won't ever leave her seat unsatisfied. Alongside her wonderful work, be prepared to laugh because this girl is a true character and delight to be around. Besides hair...Shineeka is also a makeup artist who has done work with local artist. 

Braids on natural hair
Waxing: lip, eyebrows, chin, legs, and arms
For bookings, please contact her directly at 
Hey that's ME!!!

Nyx Butter Gloss

Last month on trip to the oh so infamous Ulta (I say this because I'm there ALL the time), I picked up one of the NYX Butter Glosses in Peach Cobbler (been really into orange lately). I hadn't tried any so I thought why not. Well immediately when I got home I popped it open and tried it out. 
First was smooth upon application however a bit sticky but nothing I couldn't handle. The color pay off is good but I wouldn't say it's along the lines of per say...a Chanel lip gloss, however it is pigmented. After a few minute it does get a little more sticky but again not anything terribly bad. The color doesn't last ALL day but it is pretty long wearing, you will need to re-apply it through out the day. After a few hours you may not notice the color so much but you will still have a nice gloss to the lips. 
Final thoughts...All in all it is a good lip gloss, very smooth and smells pretty great (in my opinion). It was definitely good enough to buy more of because I actually went out and grab to 2 more; Strawberry Parfait and Tiramisu. I'd have to say I do grab these more when I am just not feeling "lipstick", so it has become my go to gloss when I'm in a hurry. 
Price tag on these: $4.99

The Beauty

No one loves Fall/Winter time more then I do. Leaves are changing colors, air is a bit more "crisp" and cooler, and it's time to break out the sweaters (hmm cozy). Not only is it time to change your wardrobe to heavier items but your makeup and hair are also going to change to reflect the season. Fall/Winter is like visually seeing "love" for me...darker eye shadows, bolder lips, and sleeker hair (great frizz control weather if you ask me). So...every season has it's trends, here are just few things to watch out for this Fall/Winter season.  
Dark "Green" Nails
The "Cat" Eye
Bold "Berry" Lips
"Plum" Smokey Eye
This season you will also see more "matte" skin finishes (I prefer a matte finish year around), orange eye looks, and bold eyebrows

The Hair

Another hairstyle that will be trending this fall/winter is the "undone texture" hair...slightly straight and slightly wavy.

A Girl Can Dream Right?

On August 9th fashion designer Marc Jacob launched his beauty line at Sephora (how exciting). Well since the launch I have wanted to go grab a few products but I have to find the time to make to the nearest Sephora. Either way I was extremely excited when this launched, but I mean who wouldn't...look at cute the packaging alone is. 
Retail price range: $18 - $78 (varies per product)

So I've never tried a Giorgio Armani "makeup" products, but I've always wanted to, just never got around to actually purchasing anything (mainly because it is on the pricey side). Anywho, this foundation is definitely on my "To Buy" list. 
Retail price: $62.00 at Nordstrom (Ouch)
This is what you call "Brush Lust", Chanel: Les Essentials de Chanel: Les Pinceaux and If you know me, you know I total try to find the bargains but these are just amazing and I would just love to try them. These however are limited edition so I'm not sure if I'll ever get around to getting the set. I may however try one of their "wonderful" brushes and see if it's worth the hype.
Retail price: $225 (Crying!!!) this is MUST for I have to have it. There is no way around this one, I'm already saving... I smelled this stuff about a year ago thanks to my friend (Thanks Neeks!!!) and fell completely in love. Beside the fact this is an oil base perfume' vs alcohol based...Michelle Obama wears (as well as Royalty). No really this stuff is amazing and the scent last ALL day. Down side to this is not only the price but the fact that I can't buy just one...I have to get another scent (not mandatory) I just have to because mixing the scents together makes a whole new wonderful explosion that I need in my life...I mean NEED.
Retail price: $275 for the 2.5oz (Dying...)
My mom always told me I had "Caviar" taste on a "MacDonald" budget...Guess she was right!!!

Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser

This product was actually purchased on a whim. I was in Target looking something completely different when I came across the "travel" section (draws me in every time) and I saw a small tube of the Clean and Clear. I remember thinking I had been wanting to try something new because I thought my current cleanser was breaking me out. So...I picked this up to see if the "Clean & Clear" products truly worked. It is a cream cleanser  (I prefer these types), it says it deep cleans, and give a "cool" refreshing surge. SO...the verdict? It does it exactly what it says, I can have full face of makeup on and this stuff melts it away like magic. It truly does deep clean, my face looks radiant after I wash it (YES!!!) and it really does give the tingling cool sensation on your face as your washing the water off. I've also notice the cooling sensation is more prominent when you a "cleansing"  tool (face brush, clarisonic, etc.) as well. Now for me the greatest thing about this product was with in days my face was clear of all break outs. Seeing that the cleanser did all of this, I definitely went out and purchased the full size (It's my go to cleanser now). I've been using this for about 2 months now and I have notice anytime I stop using this or try something different I enter World War III with my face (CRAZY). So for now I'm sticking with has also been great during HEAVY breakouts during the month if you get my drift ladies. 
Cost: Between $5-$6 at Target

Who's Your Favorite

Makeup brushes oh makeup brushes where do I begin. Long gone is the day of the sponge (unless your talking Beauty Blender), but for as long as I can remember now brushes have been the "It" thing to get that flawless face. However with the ever changing evolution of the brush and just about every brand of cosmetics making them, it can be quit tough just to choose a good quality brush. I personally always battle with "high end" vs. "drug store" and what the REAL difference is. Now I haven't tried every brand but I've tried a few and at this point I know what I like and where not to waste my money. So what I'm going to do is give you the break down on the ones I've personally tried. 


Pretty Brown Eyes

Foundation: Urban Decay Naked
Concealer: CoverGirl Olay/Bobbi Brown Corrector "Peach"
Eye Shadow: Lorac Pro Palette and MAC "Brown Script"
Eyeliner: Loreal liquid liner
Contour: MAC Sculpting Powder "Shadester"
Blush: MAC "Gingerly"
Mascara: Loreal Voluminous Million Lashes
Lip: NYX Butter Cream "Peach Cobbler"

L'Oreal: Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Black Lacquer

I know this product isn't "new" but it literally has been sitting in my mascara drawer fully packaged for a few months now. I decided to go ahead and try it because I honestly was starting to get very curious about how well it worked. Well a few weeks ago I took the plunge and opened it up to give it a whirl. I got my in the "blackest black" non water proof and purchased it from target (my favorite store). My first overview thought was the packaging was very cute, draws the eye. The formula/consistency is very wet (it should dry up a bit over time). The wand is not the normal type of wand I prefer, as I like the "rubber" wands where as this was is a bristle wand. It also does this twist effect (hard to explain) and the application is good (even though it was really wet), it applied well. Surprisingly enough this does exactly what it says it is going to do which is give you fuller longer lashes. So me being a "mascara" lover I was super stoked because most times mascaras don't live up to there hype, even though they may still be awesome. when ever something works out well I'm always like "WAIT" what's wrong with this, lol. Well this mascara does have a down side (shoot!!!), if you plan on going to the beach or wedding you don't want to wear this unless you got the water proof version. Once any bit of water hits this (and I do mean any) you will end up with raccoon eyes. Now I wear contacts so sometimes my eyes water and when I had this on, my eyes did just that and the mascara went running. However over all the product is great, I just suggest using the water proof version.

Want Some Tea With Those Bags

Have you ever woke up in the morning and thought, "man am I tired or what"? If you're anything like me, then this is pretty much an every day occurrence. Well here's the thing most people suffer from either bags under the eye or dark circles. Have you ever wondered why...yeah me too. Well I did a little research and I'd like to share what I discovered. If this shocks you, don't worry it was a little shocking to me too.

Okay, so I can openly say YES I have bags under my eyes and YES it drives me insane (my eyes are already big, they don't need more attention). Anywho, for years I wonder "Why" and for years I've tried every product known to man to get rid of them and nothing helped. Well I guess before you get rid of something you should find out why you have it. This is what promoted my research, so...for starters everyone pretty much notices a change in their facial appearance somewhere in their 20's (Evolution starts). Hmmmm...Well, the biggest and number one reason why we get bags is...GENES (really...Thanks Mom, Thanks Dad). So basically there's NOTHING you can do to prevent it and the older we get it's going to be more noticeable, frustrating I know. The other factors that contribute to these lovely bags are; poor diet, diets full al salty foods, lack of sleep, and lack of exercise (I guess I should of did more in PhysEd). Another factor is Sinus infections or water retention.

So how do you get rid of them? First let's remember that the skin under the eye is very thin and sensitive so you don't want to do much tugging and pulling (FYI: that can cause dark circles). Now me personally I use Simple: Revitalizing Eye Roll On, it has a steel metal roller ball which soothes the eye and it reduces puffiness. The great thing about Simple products is, it works on ALL skin types and it's affordable. Another great product for de-puffing those bags is Clinique: All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage. This bad boy also has the steel rollerball and it's enriched with caffeine, potent antioxidants, and soothing botanicals. However if your not quick to go out and try products you are unsure will work for you there are some quick home remedies. You can try using a "chilled" spoon, this will do the same soothing de-puffing affect you just won't get those other cool boost that the rollers have in them.

I hope this has better helped with those under eye problems but don't for get there is more to the face then just the eyes. Keep watching out for more age defying tips...


    Nothing makes a women more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful. 



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