St Ives Timeless Skin

Send me the search party because I'm on the hunt. That is exactly how I felt trying to find this product in the stores. A little while ago I saw a segment on the Dr. Oz show about skin care. I was immediately drawn in because for "years" I have been looking for a good moisturizer that works well with my skin. Well...during the segment Oz basically tells everyone to throw away all the expensive day/night creams and go get the Timeless Skin by St. Ives because it's a miracle cream that works far better then any high end brand that he knows of. Hmmmm...Well needless to say if its Dr. Oz approved then I'm on board. I searched for this product for months, only really seeing it on; I needed the instant gratification, so Amazon wouldn't do. Well low and behold on a trip to good ole Wal-Mart, there it was (I honestly let out a loud gasp and OMG). Of course I purchased it and I've been using it for the past month and half now. This by far blows any other moisturizer I have tried to date out the water. Most recently I had been using a high end moisturizer from Peter Thomas Roth (definitely saved my pennies for this-lol) and you couldn't tell me that, that wasn't going to be the moisturizer I was going to use from now until for forever. Well, one month of the St Ives and I've jumped band wagons.
After a month of using this, it still looks as if I haven't even touched it ('s going to last FOREVER). The consistency of this is pretty similar to a thin lotion and at first I was like "crap this isn't gonna work". Once applied to the face it leaves a wet greasy type look (oh, jeez), however with in seconds it starts drying and becomes a bit tacky (ugh, here we go). However something great dries!!! Lol. Once it is dry it still looks a bit greasy but don't worry after a few minutes your skin looks great. Basically your pores will suck up all the oils leaving you with a nice glow. does my skin look after a month of using this...GREAT!!! This has reduced some of my breakouts and my skin looks a lot more even (honestly it was terribly bad prior) but I can see the difference for sure. I would recommend any and everyone go try this, it will work for all ages and all skin types.
Good to know
This product is dermatologist tested and non-comedogenic

PS. The greatest thing about this product is...It's only $4.67 at Wal-Mart. Doesn't get any better then that...SCORE!!!

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