Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser

This product was actually purchased on a whim. I was in Target looking something completely different when I came across the "travel" section (draws me in every time) and I saw a small tube of the Clean and Clear. I remember thinking I had been wanting to try something new because I thought my current cleanser was breaking me out. So...I picked this up to see if the "Clean & Clear" products truly worked. It is a cream cleanser  (I prefer these types), it says it deep cleans, and give a "cool" refreshing surge. SO...the verdict? It does it exactly what it says, I can have full face of makeup on and this stuff melts it away like magic. It truly does deep clean, my face looks radiant after I wash it (YES!!!) and it really does give the tingling cool sensation on your face as your washing the water off. I've also notice the cooling sensation is more prominent when you a "cleansing"  tool (face brush, clarisonic, etc.) as well. Now for me the greatest thing about this product was with in days my face was clear of all break outs. Seeing that the cleanser did all of this, I definitely went out and purchased the full size (It's my go to cleanser now). I've been using this for about 2 months now and I have notice anytime I stop using this or try something different I enter World War III with my face (CRAZY). So for now I'm sticking with has also been great during HEAVY breakouts during the month if you get my drift ladies. 
Cost: Between $5-$6 at Target

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