Nyx Butter Gloss

Last month on trip to the oh so infamous Ulta (I say this because I'm there ALL the time), I picked up one of the NYX Butter Glosses in Peach Cobbler (been really into orange lately). I hadn't tried any so I thought why not. Well immediately when I got home I popped it open and tried it out. 
First thoughts...it was smooth upon application however a bit sticky but nothing I couldn't handle. The color pay off is good but I wouldn't say it's along the lines of per say...a Chanel lip gloss, however it is pigmented. After a few minute it does get a little more sticky but again not anything terribly bad. The color doesn't last ALL day but it is pretty long wearing, you will need to re-apply it through out the day. After a few hours you may not notice the color so much but you will still have a nice gloss to the lips. 
Final thoughts...All in all it is a good lip gloss, very smooth and smells pretty great (in my opinion). It was definitely good enough to buy more of because I actually went out and grab to 2 more; Strawberry Parfait and Tiramisu. I'd have to say I do grab these more when I am just not feeling "lipstick", so it has become my go to gloss when I'm in a hurry. 
Price tag on these: $4.99

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