Dior Skin Airflash

Here's a product I've had for a few months now I just haven't had the luxury of sharing a review. I purchased it while a friend of my was working at the Aveda Salon in our local department store and she of course gets an employee discount (SCORE). Well besides the employee discount every so often they'd give the employees an extra percentage off all merchandise...so this time they were offering their employees I believe 40% off (ummm YES please). Well I took her up on the offer to go in to the store with her and see what it was I wanted and she would purchase it for me (I'd give her the money so she could buy it). That being said I got this for a fraction of the cost (works for me!!!). I was truly excited to FINALLY get to try this product out.
First Thoughts: I was a bit skeptical at first...I thought how in the world do I apply this (totally freaked). Well moving passed my initial freak out, once I tried it...I feel in love. It applies very smooth and really does give you a flawless "airbrushed" look with out even getting airbrushed. The smell is kind of neutral...I guess you can say it doesn't really have a smell. Besides that, this does even out your skin tone and does hide any of the imperfection you may have. At this point "concealer" is going to be based on how you feel once this is applied, so you may decided to use it or not. I personally used it because I am just so use to it plus I do have dark circles so I kinda feel naked with out it. 
Final Thoughts: It really is good and I can say even though I did spend "retail" price on this...it's worth the money. In some cases you truly do get your moneys worth and vise verse, but this is a total "A" plus for me. My only down side to this besides the price of course...is the 2nd time I actually wore this it kinda turned fire orange color but I think this was due to something else because I have never had that problem again.    
Don't apply this directly to the face unless you plan on having foundation EVERYWHERE.
Try applying (spraying) the foundation directly on to your brush and working into the skin.
Be quick this dries fast.

Retail price: $62
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