Becca Cosmetics: Matte Skin Shine Proof Foundation

A few weeks ago I was shopping with my girlfriends and of course we stopped at Sephora. Well...while I was in there I browsed through the "Becca Cosmetics" sections because I've been dying to try some of their products. I picked up a few samples from the line but the one I was most excited about was the Matte Skin Shine Proof Foundation. I absolutely love matte finish (year around) so I just knew I had to try it because I have yet to find a matte foundation that I completely adore.  The Sephora rep was also very generous with the sample proportion as well because I've used my sample 3x now and I still have plenty left over (thank you makeup GOD's). So how do I feel about this?...
First Thoughts: 
This product definitely dries quick so application has to go just as quick to get the best results. However application was good and the first time I used a sponge (beauty blender) and the other 2 I used a makeup brush. Application with the beauty blender was good and it really gave that "flawless" finish look, the brush was just as good but I didn't quit get the same finish and it was little harder buffing the foundation in (probably b/c it dries so quick). The product itself is very smooth and soft to the touch and there was also no streaking (winning). Total outcome was good however this is definitely a "you must contour" kind of finish. It did leave my face looking flat (maybe a bit pale? dunno) but the next shade darker was way to dark for me (I got mine in the color Tobacco), but once I contoured it was perfect anyway. 
Final Thoughts:
This is a "true" matte foundation, so if you like matte this is perfect and I'd have to say I've found something I truly adore. There was really no downside to this foundation besides the fact it does dry very quickly, but that really isn't a real problem. Application has the best results with the sponge or beauty blender and the shades are pretty spot on if you ask me. So...considering I did love this so much I definitely had to purchase it (foundation whore...that's me). Great thing about matte finishes currently's in for the fall (SCORE). 
Retail Price: $42.00 (not bad)
9/19/2013 02:37:07 am

I have been hearing a lot of good stuff about Because. I was glad to read this and learn a little more. Thanks for posting.

9/19/2013 05:33:31 am

Shalunya, your welcome...I love reviewing products and being able to come back and let you guys know all the details...


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