A Girl Can Dream Right?

On August 9th fashion designer Marc Jacob launched his beauty line at Sephora (how exciting). Well since the launch I have wanted to go grab a few products but I have to find the time to make to the nearest Sephora. Either way I was extremely excited when this launched, but I mean who wouldn't...look at cute the packaging alone is. 
Retail price range: $18 - $78 (varies per product)

So I've never tried a Giorgio Armani "makeup" products, but I've always wanted to, just never got around to actually purchasing anything (mainly because it is on the pricey side). Anywho, this foundation is definitely on my "To Buy" list. 
Retail price: $62.00 at Nordstrom (Ouch)
This is what you call "Brush Lust", Chanel: Les Essentials de Chanel: Les Pinceaux and If you know me, you know I total try to find the bargains but these are just amazing and I would just love to try them. These however are limited edition so I'm not sure if I'll ever get around to getting the set. I may however try one of their "wonderful" brushes and see if it's worth the hype.
Retail price: $225 (Crying!!!)
Okay...so this is MUST for me...like I have to have it. There is no way around this one, I'm already saving... I smelled this stuff about a year ago thanks to my friend (Thanks Neeks!!!) and fell completely in love. Beside the fact this is an oil base perfume' vs alcohol based...Michelle Obama wears it...lol (as well as Royalty). No really this stuff is amazing and the scent last ALL day. Down side to this is not only the price but the fact that I can't buy just one...I have to get another scent (not mandatory) I just have to because mixing the scents together makes a whole new wonderful explosion that I need in my life...I mean NEED.
Retail price: $275 for the 2.5oz (Dying...)
My mom always told me I had "Caviar" taste on a "MacDonald" budget...Guess she was right!!!

09/08/2013 11:22pm

No problem girl!!! This perfume is the best I've smelled in a long time...


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