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Last night one of my favorite award shows aired...The VMA's. Well as always I'm super excited to see the what everyone is wearing but last night there was something that was topping even the fashion. The NYSNC reunion...Um OMG, YES, I literally was on the edge of my bed with a huge smile on face as soon as Justin came out to perform because I just knew it was going down, then low and happened (greatest moment ever). It truly was amazing to see them together even if it was only for 2.5 seconds (still life changing). 
Please for the love of your fans give us a reunion tour...this was a such a good tease...I'm ready!!!
Besides my life changing Nsync moment, the show was fantastic with really great performances with Justin's topping them all. Justin was on the stage for what felt like 20mins but that was "okay" with me, after his performance he accepted the the Micheal Jackson Van Guard award (JT is officially a LEGEND y'all-I always knew he would be). However there where some other awkward moments, specifically Miley Cyrus "twerking on my man Robin Thicke (umm and where was Paula). However, all in all the show was great and the fashion was phenomenal, any of the MTV awards always goes down as my favorite because it's the best of both and music(doesn't get any better).

PS. Another great moment for me was "Danity Kane" officially stating they are back together (YES Lawd). Oh and Macklemore is like my new favorite person...who really knew he was SO great. Love him!!! 
Women's fashion of the night...just a few I thought looked great.
Taylor Swift
Naya Rivera
Ellie Goulding
Just a little men's fashion
Austin Mahone
Robin Thicke
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
Justine Timberlake
Best Dressed
Okay wait, Selena Gomez is really growing up. This dress, I mean it is truly to die for. Selena showed up in this Atelier Versace dress looking like a...WOMAN. The newly 21 year truly out did herself with this one. When I first saw it on the red carpet I couldn't see the "good" side of it so I thought she was wearing a simple navy dress (still stunning) but then the magic happened. Once I saw the other side I knew hands down she was best dressed for ME for the night. 

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