Changing Seasons

Top/Hat: borrowed from
Tank: H&M
Skirt/Earrings: Forever21
Necklace: BCBG
Boots: Target
Clutch: Steve Madden
Aviators: Coach

A Stylist Dream

Have you ever watched a show that has you ready to dart to the mall? I have 2 and if Gossip Girl was still on there would be 3, but for now my fashion obsessed shows are Pretty Little Liars and The Carrie Diaries. Every time I watch these shows, I get crazy annoyed because it's 9pm by time the show is off and the mall is closed (UGH!!!). I have to give major props to the shows stylist Mandi Line (PLL) and Eric Daman (TCD) for totally swagging out these shows (Yes, I said "swagging" lol). Pretty Little Liars fashion is bit more edgy where as The Carrie Diaries is like modern day 80's (umm heck yeah). Besides these two shows having some very inspiring fashion...they also have great story lines (I'll be sad when either go off air). 

Here's my tribute to a good days work by an awesome stylist. 
Last year while in LA I actually had the chance to visit the Pretty Little Liars set at Warner Brothers...It was a bit surreal to be walking the halls of Rosewood High and seeing the "bedrooms" of the cast members. None the less it was a pretty cool experience (to bad I lost my camera in LA). 


"Steal" The Style: Lunch with Friends

After watching "The Mortal Instruments" on Friday I thought it would be perfect to feature Lily Collins in my "Broke Girl Tuesday" because she is just to cute. Well Sunday as I was reading through my magazines I saw her in this outfit and was like YES I love it and with the cooler weather getting ready to hit, it was a no brainier for me. Perfect fit, Lily in a sweater...

New York, NY: April 4, 2013
Spotted: Lily Collins shopping in NYC
Wearing: Seed Heritage drop shoulder sweater, Diesel Hi-Travis W Dress shoes, Zadig and Voltaire Sunny bag, and Movado watch
Time: Unknown
Outfit: "trendy"   
Steal the Style
Sweater: 2 similar looks at Forever 21 $15.80 here and $17.80 here
Jeans: H&M offers a great pair of Skinny's for $39.95, however go with a pair jeans you know makes look awesome.
Shoes: Similar booties at Target for $29.99 and at SpyLoveBuy for $28.55 (both fab)
Bag: Target has a great inexpensive satchel for $49.99 and I found one at SoleSociety for $33.47
Pair the outfit with your favorite button down shirt to make it your own swag (I prefer a mans button down because it will be a bit longer on me) and any bracelet or watch of your choice...then your ready for lunch. 

Tickled Pink

Shirt: Ralph Lauren
Pants/Belt/Flats: Target
Necklace: BCBG
Earrings: Forever21
Sunglasses: Jessica Simpson

Music meets Fashion

Last night one of my favorite award shows aired...The VMA's. Well as always I'm super excited to see the what everyone is wearing but last night there was something that was topping even the fashion. The NYSNC reunion...Um OMG, YES, I literally was on the edge of my bed with a huge smile on face as soon as Justin came out to perform because I just knew it was going down, then low and happened (greatest moment ever). It truly was amazing to see them together even if it was only for 2.5 seconds (still life changing). 
Please for the love of your fans give us a reunion tour...this was a such a good tease...I'm ready!!!
Besides my life changing Nsync moment, the show was fantastic with really great performances with Justin's topping them all. Justin was on the stage for what felt like 20mins but that was "okay" with me, after his performance he accepted the the Micheal Jackson Van Guard award (JT is officially a LEGEND y'all-I always knew he would be). However there where some other awkward moments, specifically Miley Cyrus "twerking on my man Robin Thicke (umm and where was Paula). However, all in all the show was great and the fashion was phenomenal, any of the MTV awards always goes down as my favorite because it's the best of both and music(doesn't get any better).

PS. Another great moment for me was "Danity Kane" officially stating they are back together (YES Lawd). Oh and Macklemore is like my new favorite person...who really knew he was SO great. Love him!!! 
Women's fashion of the night...just a few I thought looked great.
Taylor Swift
Naya Rivera
Ellie Goulding
Just a little men's fashion
Austin Mahone
Robin Thicke
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
Justine Timberlake
Best Dressed
Okay wait, Selena Gomez is really growing up. This dress, I mean it is truly to die for. Selena showed up in this Atelier Versace dress looking like a...WOMAN. The newly 21 year truly out did herself with this one. When I first saw it on the red carpet I couldn't see the "good" side of it so I thought she was wearing a simple navy dress (still stunning) but then the magic happened. Once I saw the other side I knew hands down she was best dressed for ME for the night. 

Music Television 

Friday I had the chance to jet out of work a bit early (TGIF) and I had a hair appointment. Well I got a fresh new do (cut 3inches off) and since I was kid free for the weekend me and friend/hair stylist decided to go catch a movie (The Mortal Instruments). Movie was fantastic, if you want to now a little more about it go check out my "Weekend Recap" in the Confessional. 
Shirt: TJ Maxx
Leggings/Necklace: Forever21
Cardigan/Crossbody: Target
Shoes: Bakers

I Swear We Really Can't Find Anything

Confession...when girls are getting dress to go out we honestly feel that nothing in our closet will do. It's bad and EVERY girl goes through this...
Yet this is us every weekend
I's so shameful but most of us women are just crazy fashion lovers. If your anything like me, you plan an outfit in your head and once you go through your closet and realize the outfit doesn't exist in your closet...your completely devastated. Then guess what happens...we tell ourselves we have NOTHING to wear and then guess what happens...we go shopping. So sad I know but it is like a never ending cycle. 
Hope all you ladies had fun shopping this weekend because I'm sure you did, lol. 

Black Stripes 

This outfit has literally been sitting in my closet for about a year now with the tags still on it. I just never knew when, where, or what kind of shoes I would wear with...Until today!!! The dress is definitely different but I like that and of was super comfy, lol.  
Dress/Belt/Earrings: Forever21
Shoes: Bakers
Necklace/Bracelet: BCBG
Watch: Micheal Kors


"Steal" the Style: The After Party

Why be dull when you can be fun...I'm all about graphic tees right now so when I saw this, I was like YES...I love it. I love the idea of pairing these shirts with nice slacks or skirts. It adds that perfect bit of an edge, which I love. To me this is definitely a party's girly yet edgy but super comfy (WINNING!!!)

Los Angeles, CA: August 15, 2013
Spotted: Olivia Wilde at the Drinking Buddies Premiere
Wearing: Vintage shirt, Robert Rodriguez skirt, Smythson clutch, Jimmy Choo shoes, and Cresta Bledsoe cuff
Time: Unknown
Outfit: "Fun"

Steal The Style
Shirt: You can find cool graphic tees at Delias (great price range)
Skirt: Similar look at Lord&Taylor $54, also found one at Fashionunion $18.18
Shoes: Awesome black pumps at Zara $49.90 as well as Forever21 $27.80

You can accessorize this to your own personal liking and pair with a sleek black clutch and your ready for a night of fun.

Leopard Lover

So anyone who knows me knows I'm a die hard animal print lover. Today I just felt like it had been some time since I put any of my leopard, so it was time... I just adore this scarf because it's huge and I can wear several different ways if I wanted to.
Top and Scarf: H&M
Pants: Target
Cardigan and Earrings: Forever21
Scarf: H&M
Necklace: BCBG
Wedges: DV by Dolce Vita 


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