Coats pt. 3: Sporty 

My deepest apologizes for not posting this last week, I was not feeling the best so the blog kind of took the back seat. No worries though I will be doing double duty this week. another trending coat is the "sporty" coat. To me this is the most practical of all the coats, simply because this one is the one that will actually keep you warm or warmer per say. The "sporty" coat to me is like a modern day "bubble" jacket (remember when those where cool-lol). Anywho most of your sporty coats will be hooded (remember this is the warmth coat) and alot of them tend to be trimmed with some type of fur around the hood. They also have draw string waist to keep it a little feminine. Another sporty trending coat this season is the the "Letterman" jacket and for all those who play sports or man played sports, there is really no need to go out and buy a new one because as longs as your still fits I see nothing wrong with whipping your or mans out and giving it another ride. Hope you enjoy!!!

Boss Lady

Dress: The Limited
Earrings: Forever21
Shoes: JLo for Kohls
Bag: Steve Madden
Sometimes it's really nice to just get business women fly for a day...

"Steal" the Style: Movie Date

I am completely obsessed with plaid, always have been and always will be. At any given season you can walk my closet and there is at least 3 or 4 plaid shirts hanging. I'm not 100% sure why I love it so much but I guess there is something about it that draws me in. So...when I saw this outfit, it kind of screamed at me, lol. I think Jessica did a great job making the shirt look chic (sometimes plaid can be hard). None the less this outfit is super cute, girly, and feels very relaxed. The clutch is definitely an added bonus for me...great way to give a simple outfit a bit of edge. 

New York, NY: Sept. 11, 2013
Spotted: Jessica Alba at Piperlime Event
Wearing: Skies Are Blue shirt, JBrand jeans, Sam Edelman Pumps, and Clare Vivier clutch
Time: Unknown
Outfit: "Relaxed" 
Steal the Style
Top: Similar styles at H&M $24.95 and Forever21 $14.80
Pants: Similar at $34.99 and H&M $9.95
Shoes: Black pumps at Zara $99.90 but if you want to try emerald like Jessica, Forever21 $32.80
Clutch: Similar at TheLimited $49.90 and Amazon $13.51
Pair this outfit with any belt your comfortable with  and throw your hair in a messy (yet done) bun. For your can go with a bold lip like Jessica or tune it down with nude lip. I personally would go bold with the lip and do a "soft" smokey eye just to give the outfit a little more edge.

Televisions Big Night

So...if you haven't figured by now I'm an award show junkie and I just can't get enough. I think if they aired everyday of the year I'd watch. Well, last night the 65th annual Emmy Awards aired hosted by cutie Neil Patrick Harris and prior to the show E did the live from the red carpet. Of course more so then watching the show, the red carpet is were it's at for me because I get to see all the amazing gowns and last night I don't think anyone fell to short. However the show this year was very entertaining from very awkward acceptance speeches to Will Ferrell presenting an award like he was fresh from Disney Land (that guy is to funny). Mr. Harris also did a great job keeping everyone entertained as well by showing off his "theatrical" side (way to go Doogie Howser). The show also featured tributes to the celebrities lost this year and performances by Sir Elton John and Carrie Underwood. None the less...the show was great. 
Show Stealer
The show stealer definitely went to the dance sequence that was preformed before giving away the Emmy for Best Choreography (which hottie Derek Hough took home). Good dance numbers is one of those crazy things I just get sucked into (as long as the music is good) and last night I was just in "aww" as I watched them do dance interpretations of the top nominated shows...It was fantastic. 
The Fashion: My favorites
Best Dressed
Kate Mara in J. Mendel
When I first saw this dress last night, all I could say was YES. The high slit, the detailed top, the was all amazing. This dress is super sexy but still very modest and it just exudes simplicity...LOVE!!! Kate looks effortless in this...
Kaley Cuoco in Vera Wang
This dress was a picture of perfection for me...the color is stunning and it had just enough edge to keep Kaley looking youthful. Kaley also didn't over do this and really let the dress speak which I love. I'm all for keeping it simple. 

Coats pt. 2: Modern

Last week I posted the trending "pastel" coats for the fall, so...this week it's all about the modern coat. This trend really isn't much different from you "traditional" coat, however it's about the details. With the modern coat your going to find it is more of the small things, i.e.; zippers, buttons, trimming, etc. The modern coat has things like a "slanted" zipper or thin zippers for that matter. There is also the overlay coat effect, what is that's the illusion that you have a coat on over a coat (personally not my thing). Outside of those you have the very traditional look with a twist  which could be in the opening of the instead of a straight down opening there could be a bit of a curve or very "polished" like buttons. Last but not least LEATHER (lol)...there is a lot more leather trimming and detail surfacing this fall (i'm okay with that) it could be anywhere from the sleeves to the lapel being trimmed with it. All in all the modern trend is cool...very chic, but I'd prefer it in a jacket vs. a coat...but that's just me. So if your more of a modern person then a feminine person, next time your out attention to the details. Hope you enjoyed...

Black Leopard 

Sweater/Pants/Jewelry: Forever21
Shoes: JLo for Kohls
Glasses: Forever21
If you couldn't already tell, there is nothing I love more then black and white except LEOPARD of course. I am not quite sure where my obsession started but it was definitely long before Snooki from Jersey Shores made it soooo popular. Maybe it's the the lioness with in, lol...just kidding, but honestly I am not sure where, how, or even when it started. At this point I just know I love it and between all the black and white running through my closet I probably have an equal amount of animal print. Anywho, I adore these pants not only for the print but they honestly are "the" most comfortable pants to wear, it's like I have nothing on.   

"Steal" the Style: Shopping with Friends

It's hard to believe that this is my very first time featuring any of the Kardashian clan on my blog seeing that I love these girls. I think they all have incredible fashion sense and Kourtney out of all of them, is willing to take the most fashion risk which I adore her for. Kourtney is definitely the one who just doesn't care what you have to say about...well anything really. 
Anywho...I spotted this outfit and thought it was just super cute (minus the messy hair of course). I could totally see myself wearing this to go hang out with my girls...LOVE. 

Calabasas, CA: May 28, 2013
Spotted: Kourtney Kardashian 
Wearing: Chambray top and Missoni pants
Time: Unknown
Outfit: "Boho Chic"
Steal the Style
Top: Similar styles found at H&M for $24.95 and Forever21 for $29.80
Pants: Similar style at Swell for $33.99 CoutureCandy for $78
Shoes: Similar style at Forever21 for 32.80 and for $109.99
I suggest pairing this with a cross-body bag and aviators (like Kourtney), however any sunglasses will do. As for the hair, I'd do a beachy wave (keeping it looking "boho chic") or possibly a high bun (polish it up a bit) anywho...Enjoy!!!

Pretty White Flowers

Tank: Target
Floral Top: Forever 21
Pants: The Limited
Shoes: Sam and Libby for Target
Bag: Oscar De La Renta for Target
Watch: Micheal Kors
Earrings/Necklace: Forever 21  
Here is a great example on how to wear "white" after Labor Day. This outfit was super cute and comfy and I have to say I felt rather "sexy" (don't ask why), lol. 

Coats pt. 1: Feminine 

With Fall in the air and Winter knocking at our back doors, you can figure why every magazine you pick up is featuring coats. We're at that time of year where it's time to start dusting off our coats or heading to the store to grab the latest trending coat. Well...this Fall/Winter seasons still offers those good old "faithful" looks, however they do have a few spins, so instead of your blacks, grays, or blues...this year it's all about PASTELS. I personally think taking a spin on your coat and opting for a lighter softer color does give any girl a touch of femininity (not that we're not girly girls already, lol). I know pastels can be pretty frightening during the cooler months, especially if you live in a area where it snows because the last thing any of girls want is to get our beautiful (lightly colored) coat...dirty. However life is about taking chances so why not do it with fashion. I think pastels is can trade in those dark and somewhat uniform colors for a fresh new brighter you. I'm absolutely ready to take this risk and jump head first into this trend, I think it's fun...and super girly (totally me). 
DISCLAIMER: For the next 3 weeks I will be featuring a coat from this seasons trending coats...Hope you enjoy!!

Military Green

Top: MNG by Mango
Skirt: Forever 21
Boots: Local Boutique
Earrings and Necklace: Forever 21 
Just to explain a pictures are always delayed. I take the pictures the day before I post them. That being said yesterday was 9/11 and in support of our troops I decided to wear "military" colors and a military inspired sweater. I have the greatest respect for our armed forces for having the courage to go out and fight for Americas freedom. 9/11 is a day we will never forget, a day that is imprinted into our brains forever. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!


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