Red Carpet Fashion

Kelly Osbourne
Lucy Hale
I have to say I was super excited to hear the Young Hollywood Awards was airing tonight...anyone who knows me, knows I love award shows. I am that girl who watches it from start to finish and that does mean the red carpet if they air it. Well I was a bit disappointed with the fashion choices tonight. I mean this is YOUNG Hollywood and I expected so much more from all the youngsters. However for the most part the fashion as "okay". So...out of everyone I saw this evening I'd have to say Kelly Osbourne (who won style icon tonight) and Lucy Hale were by far the best dressed of the evening. 
And for anyone who does not know what the Young Hollywood Awards are, it is basically the awards show for all the up and coming stars and stars who are just really making their mark in the industry. 

Here is some more of tonight's fashion

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