The Real Talk Show

Hello...Can I just say daytime talk has officially hit my radar...
Okay so a few months ago I caught wind that Adrienne Bailon was gonna be doing a talk show. First thoughts...why isn't she singing. Shortly after that I found out about all the host who will be on the show. Now this got me extremely excited. First of all, all the women on this talk show are ones I have known to be "real", but before I got there with the host can we talk about this fab round table they sit at...Can some PLEASE put this in my house...

Okay...back to reality
The host consist of 5 VERY stylish women (in my opinion). 
1. Cheetah girl herself...Adrienne Bailon (I personally need to hear more music from her because I love her voice)
2. Jeannie may know her from "How Do I Look" on the style network (she has a great fashion sense)
3. One half of Sister Sister...Tamera Mowry (I can actually tell her and her sister apart)
4. Comedian...Loni Love (now we all know she is gonna keep it 100)
5. The oh so Fabulous...Tamar Baxton (by far my favorite Braxton and the one the keeps it real)
Unfortunately since the show has aired I have only been able to watch it online because at the moment it only airs in a few "major" cities and just my luck...mine isn't one of them (bummed). Anyway...I have been completely obsessed with the show because of the fashion. These girls...yes even the comedian be killing it everyday. They all have very different style but as a whole this is one fashionable group of host. I encourage everyone to go check out this show...besides the fashion you will be pleasantly entertained. 

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