A Stylist Dream

Have you ever watched a show that has you ready to dart to the mall? I have 2 and if Gossip Girl was still on there would be 3, but for now my fashion obsessed shows are Pretty Little Liars and The Carrie Diaries. Every time I watch these shows, I get crazy annoyed because it's 9pm by time the show is off and the mall is closed (UGH!!!). I have to give major props to the shows stylist Mandi Line (PLL) and Eric Daman (TCD) for totally swagging out these shows (Yes, I said "swagging" lol). Pretty Little Liars fashion is bit more edgy where as The Carrie Diaries is like modern day 80's (umm heck yeah). Besides these two shows having some very inspiring fashion...they also have great story lines (I'll be sad when either go off air). 

Here's my tribute to a good days work by an awesome stylist. 
Last year while in LA I actually had the chance to visit the Pretty Little Liars set at Warner Brothers...It was a bit surreal to be walking the halls of Rosewood High and seeing the "bedrooms" of the cast members. None the less it was a pretty cool experience (to bad I lost my camera in LA). 


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