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Like your clothes, shoes, makeup, etc. anytime the seasons change it times to update your handbag as well. I've seen these bags a few times and every time I see them I am just in "aww" at how gorgeous they are. Down side to this...ummmm definitely the price tags. Well...a girl can dream but until my dreams become a reality if I had to choose a great fall bag these are my top 4. 
Starting at the heart, which is my favorite
  • Kate Spade 2 Park Avenue Beau Bag: Retail $998 (Wowzers)
  • Tory Burch Robinson Adjustable Mini: Retail $365 (that's a little better)
  • Louis Vuitton W Bag Collection: Retail $3,700 (can't breath) 
  • Phillip Lim Black Croc-Embossed Leather Medium Satchel: Retail $995 (OUCH)
I'm not completely sure I would even spend the money on some these bags (hint: Louis Vuitton) because I can find a lot more to blow a few grand on. I guess that's people call it a "lust"...you like...A LOT...but do you need it, lol. Well...I can't say I wouldn't spend a pretty penny on handbag because I have (once a year for my bday) but I don't stretch the bank to far. I'm still a stay within reason girl and definitely on budget but every now and then it's nice to give yourself a treat. Anywho...since I love these bag soooo much I'll be on the hunt to find something similar, so...let the hunt begin. 

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