Have you been to the store lately? Have seen that huge section with ALL the black and white clothes? seems to be every time I've hit the mall the past month or so, each store has this huge section full of white and black clothes (and I'm not talking White House Black Market either). Well this past spring the whole "white and black" trend was "in". I guess it's just really hitting the stores hard now. No worries because like a great quote I've read "Fashion is what you're offered four times a year. Style is what you pick out of that fashion...", this quote couldn't be more true. Monochromatic is in for Fall so you can totally fit the black and white in with that as well. However, stay true to you and take some of the things that are offered on the runway and spin it to fit your personality.
That being said...I LOVE white and black...for as long as I can remember that has pretty much been my entire wardrobe. Just recently (the past few years) have I really started branching out into the world of color, lol. Needless to say I am completely okay with the whole black and white trend because this is my style staple. time your hitting up the mall, give that section a try and see what awesome outfits you can come up with and if you need color...make it pop with your accessories for a more trendy look (if that's what you like). 
Remember...Black and White is ALWAYS chic
And white after Labor Day is completely acceptable...Check out artical on "white after Labor Day
Here's some ideas to make the monochromatic (black and white) work. 
Chic, edgy, sporty, or all works!!!

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    Fashion is what you're offered 4 times a year. STYLE is what you pick out of that fashion... 



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