Coats pt. 1: Feminine 

With Fall in the air and Winter knocking at our back doors, you can figure why every magazine you pick up is featuring coats. We're at that time of year where it's time to start dusting off our coats or heading to the store to grab the latest trending coat. Well...this Fall/Winter seasons still offers those good old "faithful" looks, however they do have a few spins, so instead of your blacks, grays, or blues...this year it's all about PASTELS. I personally think taking a spin on your coat and opting for a lighter softer color does give any girl a touch of femininity (not that we're not girly girls already, lol). I know pastels can be pretty frightening during the cooler months, especially if you live in a area where it snows because the last thing any of girls want is to get our beautiful (lightly colored) coat...dirty. However life is about taking chances so why not do it with fashion. I think pastels is can trade in those dark and somewhat uniform colors for a fresh new brighter you. I'm absolutely ready to take this risk and jump head first into this trend, I think it's fun...and super girly (totally me). 
DISCLAIMER: For the next 3 weeks I will be featuring a coat from this seasons trending coats...Hope you enjoy!!

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