Coats pt. 2: Modern

Last week I posted the trending "pastel" coats for the fall, so...this week it's all about the modern coat. This trend really isn't much different from you "traditional" coat, however it's about the details. With the modern coat your going to find it is more of the small things, i.e.; zippers, buttons, trimming, etc. The modern coat has things like a "slanted" zipper or thin zippers for that matter. There is also the overlay coat effect, what is that's the illusion that you have a coat on over a coat (personally not my thing). Outside of those you have the very traditional look with a twist  which could be in the opening of the instead of a straight down opening there could be a bit of a curve or very "polished" like buttons. Last but not least LEATHER (lol)...there is a lot more leather trimming and detail surfacing this fall (i'm okay with that) it could be anywhere from the sleeves to the lapel being trimmed with it. All in all the modern trend is cool...very chic, but I'd prefer it in a jacket vs. a coat...but that's just me. So if your more of a modern person then a feminine person, next time your out attention to the details. Hope you enjoyed...

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