Shopping with a purpose...

So lets completely forget that I laid this all out on my living
room floor that is a disaster...(cut me some slack I have a 3yr old-lol).
Anywho...bargain shopping was the game and score was my name...(so lame I know).
  • H&M - 2 basic tees (white and black stripped) $5.95 a piece 
  • TJ Maxx - 2 peplem tops (Red and Blue/white) both $12.99
  • Forever21 - Jean shirt with plaid detail (on sale) $17.99, sheer cream leopard top with zipper detail $17.80, and black silk pants $14.80
  • The Limited - white work pants and black skinny jeans (This cost me $0 because I exchanged a pair of pants I brought a few months ago and all weekend everythingwas 50% off so it was 2 for price of 1) SCORE!!!

Broke Girl on budget so if it's not on sale or I don't have coupon...I'm probably not going to buy it


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