Girls Night Out

Top/Skirt: Forever21
Shoes: Rock & Republic 
Sorry for the bad lighting, all these pictures where taken with my camera phone. There was pretty much no way I was gonna lug my camera around with me for drinks with my girls. Anywho...oh what a dud of night, my girlfriend pictured here to the the right wanted to have night out for drinks because our girlfriend is moving (pictured sad). Well she had this great idea to go to the one place in town that "USE" to have the best drinks in town. Well besides the fact we had absolutely no eye candy (we need a new  city) the drinks were down right horrible. My tasted like medicine and my girlfriend (the one who is moving) hers tasted like the weed of a planet. Ugh...well we stayed there about 2 hours pretty much people watching but about 12 or so we couldn't take it any longer and we ditched the place. All I can say is at least we looked cute sitting and for some odd reason (with out planning) we all wore black and white...great minds I guess. 

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