Soft Skull?

Items used: 
Theatrical face paint - white 
Theatrical face paint - black
NYX eyeshadow - cherry
BH Cosmetics 88 Palette - black shadow
NYX shadow glitter - Salmon 
Okay so last night I attempted yet again to do another skull face, this time I was "trying" to go for a soft skull but it pretty much turned out a bit scarier then I anticipated. The whole reason I started trying all this was because my daughter has Trunk or Treat at her school tomorrow and I was thought how cool would be it be to dress up and paint my face...well as you can see this look would be a bit to much for the kiddies lol. All in all I still think the look is pretty cool and this is all so different for me that I am becoming complete obsessed the trying to do more theatrical type makeup and get away from the glam for a moment. Well...hope you all enjoy the look
How I achieved this look
  1. 1painted my face with white theatrical face paint: used my fingers to apply
  2. softly painted black circles around the eye with the black theatrical face paint, I used my eyebrows as a guide to shape the circle: used a dome shader brush to apply
  3. with the NYX eye shadow I contoured my check bones and temples: used a blush brush to apply
  4. using the black eye shadow from the BH Cosmetics palette I contoured under the cheek bone, jaw line and slightly around the top of my forehead: used a angled blush brush
  5. Using a stippling brush I buffed out the all the harsh lines from contouring as well as blending the to eye shadows together
  6. with the theatrical black face paint I softly drew a tear drop shape around the nose and filled it (softly): used lip brush to apply
  7. using the same lip brush I drew straight lines down the mouth and extended the a line from each corner of the mouth also drawing vertical lines to extend the mouth out.
  8. Using the NYX shadow glitter I highlighted the upper cheek bone, around the nose, and forehead. 

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