Colgate SlimSoft

I think it is an absolute honor when a brand or company ask you to try a product for them. I had the pleasure of being asked by Influenster to test a new Colgate toothbrush and of course I accepted...who doesn't need a toothbrush right. 
So...I got the package about a week ago and before I even dare open my mouth about I needed to give the toothbrush 1 week (7 days) for testing. When I first opened the package I thought...well this is definitely slim like they said. They sent me a "soft" brush which was okay but I do prefer the medium bristle (but no biggie). The bristle where extremely soft, probably softer then I've personally ever felt. The box also came with a travel size "total" effects toothpaste and mouth wash.
At first I was kind of thrown off by the size of the brush because it did feel very different then using a "regular" size toothbrush, however over the days I did adjust to the size. Now I could feel a bit of difference when it come to the cleaning of the teeth because with the brush being smaller I could feel different areas being targeted. After I finished, my teeth did feel very clean (cleaner then they normally do I guess) and I felt after eating I didn't really have to brush again if I didn't want to because my teeth still felt exceptionally clean. 
Final Thoughts:
In short...this is a very good toothbrush (different due to size) and I could see myself repurchasing this. I have definitely seen and felt a difference in my teeth so that is a total win win for me. As for the toothpaste and mouthwash...I don't stray from my normal Aquafresh and Listerine but I did give the Colgate a try but I'll stick to what I know and like on those. 

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