L'Oreal: Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Black Lacquer

I know this product isn't "new" but it literally has been sitting in my mascara drawer fully packaged for a few months now. I decided to go ahead and try it because I honestly was starting to get very curious about how well it worked. Well a few weeks ago I took the plunge and opened it up to give it a whirl. I got my in the "blackest black" non water proof and purchased it from target (my favorite store). My first overview thought was the packaging was very cute, draws the eye. The formula/consistency is very wet (it should dry up a bit over time). The wand is not the normal type of wand I prefer, as I like the "rubber" wands where as this was is a bristle wand. It also does this twist effect (hard to explain) and the application is good (even though it was really wet), it applied well. Surprisingly enough this does exactly what it says it is going to do which is give you fuller longer lashes. So me being a "mascara" lover I was super stoked because most times mascaras don't live up to there hype, even though they may still be awesome. Okay...so when ever something works out well I'm always like "WAIT" what's wrong with this, lol. Well this mascara does have a down side (shoot!!!), if you plan on going to the beach or wedding you don't want to wear this unless you got the water proof version. Once any bit of water hits this (and I do mean any) you will end up with raccoon eyes. Now I wear contacts so sometimes my eyes water and when I had this on, my eyes did just that and the mascara went running. However over all the product is great, I just suggest using the water proof version.

08/15/2013 2:20pm

I'm always looking for a good Mascara.. Can't wait to try this one!!!

08/15/2013 2:33pm

yeah it's really great

08/15/2013 4:59pm

Thanks for the tip cause I suffer from allergies and my eyes become watery often. Sure dont want to look like a raccon.

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