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So you want sexy gorgeous healthy hair...yeah me too lol. Like most people my hair is a work in progress and I'm always on the look out for new and improved hair care products. However, people always ask me how I keep my hair so healthy looking (umm my hair...really?). Well I haven't mastered "hair care" but I know the basics to keeping it pretty healthy (looking that is). Now...I'm not a hair stylist nor am I an expert but I do pay a lot of attention to my hair and try to take care of it the best way possible. For starters since I graduated high school (wonder how long that has been), I've try to stand clear of dying my hair any harsh color that may strip or dry the hair out. I stick to my natural color or darker (typically I dye it black) and I try to make sure I cut/trim it every 3 months or so (thank heavens I have friend who is a stylist).
Here are my tips for great sexy looking hair.
1. Pick a shampoo and conditioner that works best for you. Both should make your hair feel soft (not just the conditioner) and by all means just because you pick a certain brand for your shampoo doesn't mean you have to get the matching conditioner. Find what works.
I use the Patene Expert Collection Age Defy and I just happen to love both the shampoo and conditioner...they make my hair feel great.

2. Deep conditioning is key! This doesn't have to be everyday but I recommend once a week at max. This is another product you want to make sure the product works for your hair type so there may be a lot of trial and error but most mask typically will be universal (my opinion).
I use the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque. I will put the mask on my hair, tie it up in a plastic bag, run the blow dyer over for a few minutes prior to rinsing, then rinse.

3. Cleanse, Cleanse, Cleanse. Find a cleansing shampoo to clean out all the build up that can be left in the hair from products, yes this is still necessary if you wash hair regularly because even your shampoo can cause build up.
I use Clear Scalp Hair Therapy Ultra Shea. This product works great; it strips out the build up but still leaves your hair feeling soft. (WIN)
However any "clarifying" shampoo will due but it's to harsh to use daily.

4. This is completely optional but every once in awhile my hair just feels really dry no matter what I do. If you have this probably I'd invest in a good hydrating conditioner that will help build the moisture back into your hair. Even though deep conditioning our hair should decrease this problem, sometimes our hair gets used to a product so switching it up every once in awhile, is good.
I use Aveda Damage Remedy for times like this. This product is the TRUTH!!!

5. If you dye your hair, investing in a good quality shampoo for colored treated hair will help keep the color lasting a lot longer. Some shampoos have the tendency to strip your color out which can result in the hair looking dull. Dying can also be harsh on your hair causing it to feel straw like, so if you dye it take care of it. You need something that will preserve the color as well has hydrate.
I use Aveda Color Conserve. Great thing about this is, it has lasted me a long time because I only use this shampoo for the first 2 shampoos after I color my hair.
Another key to keeping your locks healthy is DO NOT over wash your hair. Washing your hair everyday can actually do a reverse effect on your hair by drying it out, cause more split ends, etc. You want the natural oils in the hair to build up because this will aid in keeping those locks looking healthy. I recommend skipping a day or two in between washing, preferably skip 2 days. I personally only wash my hair 2x a week at max. I can actually go longer because it takes a while for the oils to build in my hair. If your uncomfortable not washing everyday or every other day, I suggest investing in a good "dry" shampoo for those in between days. Now you also want to stand clear of over drying your hair. When blowing drying, flat ironing, or curling your hair you definitely want to use a heat protector. This will aid in keeping some of that moisture locked in. If your one of those people who wash and blow dry everyday and don't put a heat protector in your hair, your really damaging your hair and your hair will 9 times out of 10 look super unhealthy and very dry.  Personally I like to let my hair air dry if I know I'm going to be flat ironing my hair because I don't want to over dry it. However when I do blow dry my hair I use the Aveda Brilliant Styling Cream as my first heat protector. Now unfortunately I can not just blow my hair out and go (I'll look like a chia-pet) so I normally flat iron it to if I'm going somewhere. For flat ironing I use the Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy Flat Iron Spray, I spray this through out my hair but making sure I'm spraying from about 10 inches away (don't want to over do this). After my hair is good and bone straight and it still looks a little dull I'll use the Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil. I just use 2 simple drops of this (a little goes a long way) and voila, instant super shine. I hope this has helped you all alittle in your journey to super sexy hair.

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