Coats pt. 3: Sporty 

My deepest apologizes for not posting this last week, I was not feeling the best so the blog kind of took the back seat. No worries though I will be doing double duty this week. another trending coat is the "sporty" coat. To me this is the most practical of all the coats, simply because this one is the one that will actually keep you warm or warmer per say. The "sporty" coat to me is like a modern day "bubble" jacket (remember when those where cool-lol). Anywho most of your sporty coats will be hooded (remember this is the warmth coat) and alot of them tend to be trimmed with some type of fur around the hood. They also have draw string waist to keep it a little feminine. Another sporty trending coat this season is the the "Letterman" jacket and for all those who play sports or man played sports, there is really no need to go out and buy a new one because as longs as your still fits I see nothing wrong with whipping your or mans out and giving it another ride. Hope you enjoy!!!

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